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organize communications is an owner-operated agency
specializing in consulting & communications measures
for the wine, food and hospitality industries

Barbara Wanner

Managing Partner

Oliver Frank

Managing Partner


Our communication concepts reflect what we know and what we love. We are unrepentant connoisseurs of la dolce vita, yet also dedicated organizers through and through. We have a global mindset, but our hearts stay squarely focused on the here and now. We are pioneers, we are thinkers, we are mavericks.


With a friendly team we love, live, organize and communicate wine, food and everything that goes with it. Our base camp is a beautiful old building in Karlsruhe, in the middle of sunny Baden. Only a few hours by train from grandiose metropolises such as Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt and in direct proximity to ingenious epicurean regions such as the Palatinate, Alsace and the Black Forest, we love, live and communicate all about the "good life".


Our job is anything but routine. We consult winegrowing regions from all over the world as well as winemakers, chefs and brands. Our activities are regional, national and international. Flexible working hours, work-life balance, home office and state-of-the-art technology have always been part of our DNA.

Nadja Öhrlein
Managing Director


Sven Koch
Senior Consultant

Floriane Le Tacon

Lisa Laimer


Eva-Maria Haag

Stefan Jakubik


Elke Trogisch


whyCraft &
Heart & Soul

The founding of our agency on 1 March 1993 represented more than just the culmination of many personal and professional goals: it fulfilled our long-harbored dreams of being our own bosses. That motivating fire still burns hot today, with equal parts reverence for the independence we've crafted and the responsibility we've earned.


We had already proven ourselves in the communications arena long before venturing out on our own. That work brought us in contact with many vintners, chefs and other amazing artisans — people gifted at creating their masterpieces, but not necessarily the captivating stories needed to market them. From the beginning we viewed ourselves as organizers, standing at their sides. Hence our name: Organize. We pushed them to rethink, rework, and reimagine. We helped them network and professionalize their communications. All in a time when communication was simply not on people's minds as it is today. What we do hasn't changed significantly since we founded our agency, there are simply many more communications channels at our disposal nowadays.


Our personal love of wine, food, travel and everything that goes with them was and is a further push for us to keep doing what we do so well. We didn't quite transform our hobby into our profession. Our calling was already in wine, food, and hospitality. But we did grasp from the start that our profound knowledge, experience and talents for "our" themes would carry us far and make us an invaluable partner.


Our specialty is the cornerstone of who we are and what we do. It is far deeper and more substantial than simply lifestyle and thoughtless consumption. Then and now, we remain convinced that the "good life" should be integrated into the everyday and that being a connoisseur is not a luxury but rather the heart and soul that glues our fast-paced world together.

focal areas






Show your

Outside the box









We are conscientious, reliable, accurate and dedicated to quality, in word and deed. We only offer a service or topical area if we can guarantee profound knowledge and experience in it. We aren't afraid to show our skill: outside the box, stylistically confident, connected. We comport ourselves with honor and dignity. The same rules apply whether dealing with a competitor or supplier: we act fairly and respectfully, while still protecting your intellectual property. Plagiarism for us is taboo. Our fair-mindedness and solid capital structure make us a respectable and responsible business partner. We strive for durable professional relationships, and maintaining them properly is a matter of importance to us. We infuse our passion and professionalism in everything we do. Our tasks are tackled with heart, devotion and enthusiasm, the crucial foundation for positive interactions. All of this adds up to our special joie de vivre that has become the calling card of our agency. We are and remain real people. Fairness, respect, humanity and loyalty matter to us.


Thinking, Doing,

Our branding services start with a thorough and clever analysis built on expert insight and industry know-how. We look for content that fits our sensibility: creative and lively identities and activities to reliably reach opinion leaders and existing customers and to draw the eyes of potential new ones. This requires targeted communications channels and the full fruits of our relationships with the best in the business. The people who commission our services count on, and receive, the perfect mix of professionalism and enthusiasm.


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conveying relevance

Public Relations

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Web & Social Media

Events & Fairs

for whomcustomers

We never fail to be amazed by the astounding talent of our clients. We are fascinated by their passion, their expertise, their craftsmanship and their attention to detail. No two are ever quite alike, yet each applies unique skills toward fantastic and dynamic creations. They demand consulting and communication that is just as deliberate and intense as they are. Our clientele includes brands, companies, groups and institutions from around the world.




Our main offices in Karlsruhe, Zurich and Bolzano are located at the heart of the German-speaking markets — in two regions renowned for all manners of epicurean pursuits.


We love the inspiring world of possibilities between an urban lifestyle and the growing 'New Rural.' The important metropolitan regions and media cities of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are our home, and we cultivate connections to many of the top players, not least through our own numerous events.



oh la lahall of fame

Gerolsteiner WeinPlaces®

In 2013 we pitched the "WeinPlaces" concept to Gerolsteiner, Germany's leading mineral water brand. A year later the project went live. For every year since, an independent jury has chosen the finest new wine bars to join the exclusive WeinPlaces community — which is further promoted via an active communications platform on the internet and social media.



Wines of Portugal Campus

Look with fresh eyes. We specialize in distinctive wine events, such as the introduction of the "Wines of Portugal Campus" in 2016. This expert conference dedicated to Portuguese wines, developed and implemented on behalf of ViniPortugal, blends selected workshops with well-known speakers, a presentation of winegrowing estates and an awards ceremony with numerous prizes.

GR #weinbiking

We've run the organizational side of Generation Riesling for a number of years now. Our unconventional "GR #weinbiking" event, developed in 2017 for Wines of Germany, was a notable and successful highlight. Retailers, restaurant owners, journalists and bloggers came together with Generation Riesling winemakers — and their wines — in a unique way: on a bike tour from Potsdam to Berlin, with plenty of tasting, networking and fun for all.

Asia-Küche trifft Riesling & Co.

Does "Asian" cuisine even exist? And if so, which German wines should be on a wine list to pair with it? Our 2014 project with sommelière Christina Fischer, commissioned by Wines of Germany, took the question seriously. The result was a successful workshop concept entitled "Asian Cuisine meets Riesling & Co.", with additional support from Michelin Star Chef Sarah Henke.

Caviar & Cuvées
The attention-getting "Caviar & Cuvées" series of events covered more than 20 star restaurants and chefs back in 2010/2011. It was designed to harness the wonderful synergies between two of our customers, Caviar House & Prunier und Bellavista. Private gourmets could take part in exclusive tasting menus that explored the interplay between farmed caviar from Aquitaine and sparkling Franciacorta wines

European Congress of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d´Europe

It was one of the largest congresses we've ever organized, and took two years of preparatory work with the JRE: the legendary 2007 European congress in Dresden. For three days the Saxon metropolis played host to more than 300 world-class young European chefs and their partners. Our mission was to impress them not just with Dresden's loveliness, but also with the culinary artistry and tremendous dedication of the association's German branch


We've long proudly served as PR agency and facilitator for the Jeunes Restaurateurs, today known as the JRE. We developed the "Twenü" campaign in 2003 to topple the conventional wisdom that young people don't care about good food. Diners under 30 were invited to visit any of the organization's world-class chefs for a set price... an unparalleled opportunity for all involved to raise awareness in young diners about the many delicious and trendy options available to them. In 2004, the "Twenü" campaign earned the JRE and us the coveted SAM marketing prize from the HSMA.

Sonnenmännchen reloaded

In the agency's early years, Organize's most prominent client was Wines of Baden. Beyond international press contacts, this also included an export promotion budget to establish events and trade fairs on various relevant markets. In 2001 Organize prevailed in a Germany-wide call-for-proposals to refresh and revitalize the old "Sonnenmännchen" campaign.

Große Weiße Welt

Little known fact: the legendary ProWein party, originally known as "Große Weiße Welt" (Great White World), was actually conceived on behalf of the Economic Ministry of Rheinland-Pfalz... around a kitchen table. Christina Fischer was the driving force on the sommelier side. We contributed our part as an agency. The event started small and humble in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen, and snowballed over the years under the able leadership of Christina Fischer and Christine Balais.

Best of Riesling

This Riesling competition has been a tremendous success since its first edition back in 2000, earning the attention and support of Minister Bauckhage. We developed it together with Heribert Gröber and it has achieved the seemingly impossible: bringing all relevant players in the wine media together under one roof. We're pleased that this competition continues on even today, now under the sponsorship of the Meininger Verlag.


Trainee (M/F)

Du begeisterst dich für Wein & Food und besitzt Knowhow dafür? Du bist teamfähig und suchst neue Herausforderungen, arbeitest strukturiert, kreativ, verantwortungsvoll und konzeptionell? Dann bewirb dich bei uns.


• Kreativität, guter Schreibstil
• Hohe Affinität für unsere Themen
• Erste Erfahrung in Journalismus, PR, Event und/oder Social Media
• Fremdsprachenkenntnisse
• Organisationstalent, Eigeninitiative, Selbstständigkeit, ausgeprägte Kommunikationsfähigkeit und überzeugendes Auftreten


• Ein positives Arbeitsumfeld und tolle Kollegen
• Selbstständige Projektorganisation, -abwicklung
• Kontinuierliche, aktive Medien- und Redaktionsarbeit


Weil wir zu den besten Kommunikationsagenturen der Branche gehören und großartige Kunden betreuen, für die wir noch mehr messbare Erfolge generieren wollen, brauchen wir genau dich als Verstärkung in unserem Head-Office in Karlsruhe.


Wenn du Interesse an einer abwechslungsreichen und verantwortungsvollen Tätigkeit und dem Umgang mit spannenden Kunden in einem vertrauensvollen und kollegialen Agenturumfeld hast, sende deine Bewerbungsunterlagen an Oliver Frank.

Praktikant (M/F)

Engagierte und motivierte Allroundtalente mit positiver Lebenseinstellung, die gerne etwas aktiv in die Hand nehmen und dazu ihr im Rahmen ihrer Ausbildung vorgeschriebenes Pflichtpraktikum bei uns absolvieren möchten. Spaß an Professionalität und ein leichter Hang zu Perfektionismus sind von Vorteil, ebenso wie Kenntnisse bei der Anwendung gängiger Büro-Software (Word, Excel etc.) sowie eine schnelle Auffassungsgabe.


Wir bieten | Interessante und abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeit, internationale Kunden mit Topniveau, Einblick in alle Bereiche, gutes Arbeitsklima, junges Team, schöne Büros, Arbeitsplätze, die technisch auf dem neuesten Stand sind, „Best coffee in town" und das alles in einer Region, in der sich's besonders gut leben lässt.


Wenn du Interesse an einer abwechslungsreichen und verantwortungsvollen Tätigkeit und dem Umgang mit spannenden Kunden in einem vertrauensvollen und kollegialen Agenturumfeld hast, sende deine Bewerbungsunterlagen an Oliver Frank.

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